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Nature Book

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

"Nature Book" is one of many lessons found in Read, Write, & Spell. Download the lesson PDF here.

Now that your child is familiar with short vowel and partner words, she needs to practice using them. Nature Book provides whimsical reading material that incorporates a variety of new words. Make the books yourself and offer them as a surprise, or invite her to help create them.

What You Need:

Paper or cardstock, pictures of plants and animals, scissors, glue, colored markers, hole punch, yarn

To Prepare:

  1. Cut paper or cardstock into six to ten rectangular pages. Punch holes in the sides and bind with yarn.

  2. Collect pictures or stickers of plants or animals. Affix the pictures onto the left pages.

  3. Invent a short rhyme or paragraph to describe each image. Use colored markers to write the sentences on the right pages.

  4. Print a title on the cover.


Give your child the Nature Book. Invite her to read it to you and to her friends.


  • Picture of a bee: The smell of pollen calls the bee. It makes honey for you and me.

  • Picture of a panther: Be watchful and careful A panther is waiting, It prowls in the bushes And plays in the sun. The Florida panther may Look like a kitty, But if you should see one Be ready to run!

  • Picture of a spotted owl: Spotted owl Your eyes are big I spy you sitting On a twig. In the forest Where you fly, Drop me a feather As you sail by.

  • Picture of a zebra: Zebra, zebra In the park, Your stripes are Very bright. I’d like to brush Your pretty coat, But you might Kick or bite.

  • Picture of a polar bear: Come north with me To the arctic cold, Where we can see The polar bear bold!

  • Picture of a starfish: In a little tide pool By the vast sea, Lives a little starfish Happy and free!

  • Picture of large spoonbill birds: These are pink spoonbills Their feathers are bright, In Florida people can See them in flight.

  • Picture of a whale: The whale lives deep in the ocean, The whale lives deep in the sea, The whale dives deep in the water, Oh whale come play with me.

Download the lesson PDF here.

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