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A Complete Language Guide for Home Education

Read, Write, & Spell
Read, Write, & Spell by Talita Paolini

Welcome to Read, Write, & Spell—your complete guide to teaching language skills at home. Inside you’ll find a collection of hands-on activities to help children discover the joys of reading and writing, one step at a time. The lessons first establish a solid understanding of phonics and then build language and vocabulary skills through creative writing. Bite-sized tasks make it easy for students to complete each activity and feel a sense of victory as they progress.

  • Identify the alphabet letters by sight and sound

  • Read and write words, sentences, and short stories

  • Create unique booklets of creative writing projects

  • Develop beautiful cursive writing and expand vocabulary with a spelling notebook

  • Organize information in book reports, reports on places, and biographies

  • Build a grammar rainbow, learn the parts of speech . . . and more!

Read, Write, & Spell empowers you to teach your children with confidence and sets the stage for a lifelong love of learning!

Click here to view sample lessons.

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Fun Alphabet Activities for 3–5 Year Olds

Letter of the Day
Letter of the Day by Talita Paolini

Tap into your child’s curiosity with activities that introduce the alphabet through crafts and playful exploration of the environment. With 104 lessons to choose from, it’s easy to find ones that spark excitement. Just pick a letter, do the project, and soon your little one will be pointing out letters everywhere and scribbling them for fun!

With Letter of the Day your child will. . .


  • Learn letter sounds and shapes

  • Begin to write the alphabet

  • Improve coordination

  • Build concentration skills

  • Discover how to find answers to questions

  • Become more aware of their surroundings

Click here to view sample lessons.

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Language, Math, and Science for Ages 3–6

Play & Learn with Cereal O's
Play & Learn wit Cereal O's by Talita Paolini

Play & Learn with Cereal O’s makes it easy to teach the basics of math, reading, writing, and scientific observation. All you need are cereal O’s and a few household items. This collection of simple, effective activities makes learning fun!

  • Improve coordination and develop concentration

  • Learn letter sounds and discover how to read

  • Write words and sentences

  • Name and write the numbers

  • Count and associate numbers with amounts

  • Experience basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

  • Build, draw, and identify geometric figures

  • Learn about the solar system

  • Build a balance scale, measure small items, chart data, and more!

Click here to view sample lessons.

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