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Mustard Squirt

There are many ways to practice making letter shapes. Here’s a fun project that you can adapt for other letters. (video)

Number Squares

Multiplication means adding a number to itself over and over again. These simple activities help your child understand the concept.

H: Hop! Hop!

Vigorous physical activity is important for health and aids learning. So hop to this fun lesson on the letter h!

Thanksgiving Sunflower

Brighten your home with a Thanksgiving Sunflower. Here’s an art project that combines coloring and writing with discussion about gratitude.

Vegetable Book

This lovely activity helps your child pay attention to detail and encourages writing practice. You can then collect the pages into a book.

Think Spring!

This great Joy of Learning at Home project inspires children to think of things they relate to the season and create art to describe it!

Z Sewing Card

This introduction to sewing serves a double purpose as it highlights the final letter of the alphabet.

Nature Book

Nature Book provides whimsical reading material that incorporates a variety of new words. Make it yourself or with your child. (video)

My Dots and Stars Book

This engaging Paolini Method project encourages your child to read and count. He also learns about shapes and reviews color words. (Video)

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