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One-a-Day Sticker Stories

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

This lesson is excerpted from Read, Write, & Spell. To download the PDF, click here.

Give your child a set of special stickers or pictures on a subject that she adores. Challenge her to invent a little story about each one and watch her interest in writing soar.

What You Need:

Lined paper, plain paper, pencil, stickers, glue, hole punch, yarn

To Prepare:

  1. Cut plain paper in half.

  2. Cut lined paper to fit on the plain paper, as shown.


  1. Show your child the special stickers. Invite her to choose one and write a few sentences—either a description or a story—about it. Encourage her to write quickly, so she doesn’t get “stuck” on the project.

  2. Ask her to read you her story, then glue it onto the plain paper and affix the sticker at the top.

  3. Do one page daily or every few days, saving the work until the project is finished. Punch holes down one side of the pages, then bind with yarn to form a book.


Our daughter, Angela, loves cats. When she was eight years old we gave her a set of forty cute Victorian cat stickers, each dressed in a different outfit. Angela chose one sticker daily, gave the cat a name that became the title of the story, then wrote a few sentences describing its costume or activity.

One-A-Day Sticker Stories, Paolini Method, ReadWriteSpell, Talita Paolini

To download the PDF, click here.

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