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My Dots and Stars Book

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

My Dots and Stars Book is a lesson from Read, Write, & Spell titled "Sticker Books." Download the lesson PDF here.

This engaging project encourages your child to read and count. He also learns about shapes and reviews color words as he creates books that are uniquely his own.

What You Need:

Plain paper or cardstock, colored cardstock, scissors, ruler, colored markers, stickers such as colored dots and stars, hole punch, yarn

To Prepare:

  1. Cut paper into 5- by 6-inch pages. Punch holes along the sides. Choose several colors of dots, stars, or other stickers to use with the book.

  2. Give the book a colorful cardstock cover and punch holes down the sides. Title it “My Dots and Stars Book” (or other name that refers to the stickers you are using) and decorate it with stickers.

  3. Using different colored markers, outline a simple picture of a Short Vowel Word on each left-hand page.

  4. On the blank page opposite each picture, write with colored marker directions for putting certain numbers, types, and colors of stickers inside each outline. Then bind with yarn.


The pictures go on the left pages, the sentences on the right pages.

  • Picture: sun Sentences: The sun is hot. Stick 7 gold stars on it.

  • Picture: hat Sentences: The hat has a brim. It has 3 green dots and 4 silver dots on it.

  • Picture: dress Sentences: Kim has dots on a dress. It has 10 red dots, 10 blue dots, and 1 green dot.

  • Picture: hat Sentences: A hat is a lot of fun! The hat has 4 blue stars and 2 green stars. It has 1 blue dot on the pocket.

  • Picture: carrot Sentences: The carrot has 2 gold stars and 5 gold dots on it. Gus hands the carrot to his rabbit.

  • Picture: box Sentences: The box is a gift. It has 3 silver stars on the ribbon and 6 red dots on the box.

  • Picture: glass Sentences: Jill has a glass of milk. Press 2 blue dots, 2 yellow dots, and 2 green dots on it.

  • Picture: drum Sentences: Mack smacks the drum. Fran taps the drum. Stick 5 gold stars and 1 silver star on the drum.

  • Picture: hill Sentences: Quick! Stick 10 orange dots on the hill.

  • Picture: two cups Sentences: Ann’s cup has 6 yellow stars on it. Fred’s cup has 6 blue stars on it.

  • Picture: bug Sentences: The bug has 8 black dots on it.


  1. Give your child the stickers and the book. Introduce him to any words that don’t follow the short vowel pattern, such as stars.

  2. Invite him to read the directions for each picture, then apply the correct number, type, and color of stickers.

  3. When he finishes, read the book together and add it to his library. Every time he reads the book, have him count the stickers.

Download the lesson PDF here.

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