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H: Hop! Hop!

This lesson is excerpted from Letter of the Day. Click here to download a PDF of the lesson.

H: Hop Hop, Letter of the Day, Paolini Method, Talita Paolini
Vigorous physical activity is important for health and aids learning. So hop to this fun lesson on the letter h!

What You Need:

Pictures of animals that hop and those that don’t, poster board, basket, marker, scissors, tape

To Prepare:

  1. Cut out pictures of various animals, some that can hop (kangaroo, rabbit, grasshopper, frog, robin, mouse, flea) and some that can’t or generally don’t (snake, fish, elephant, whale, worm, porcupine, bear, giraffe, snail). Mix up the pictures and place them upside down in a basket.

  2. With marker, draw a line near the top of a sheet of poster board and write hop on it.


  1. Tell your child that today he is working with the letter h. Explain that h is the first sound in these words: hip, horse, head, hammer, hose, hair, hamster, and heart. Say them together, emphasizing their first sounds. Now say that h is also the first letter in hop. Ask him to say h, hop while hopping for a bit.

  2. Compliment him on his fine hopping, then ask if he can think of any animals that hop. After discussing this for awhile, bring out the prepared poster board and tell him that he is going to make a display of those animals. Point out the first letter of the word hop. Set the board and tape at a distance.

  3. Bring out the basket with the animal pictures. Invite him to choose one and think about whether the creature normally hops. If not, have him set it aside. If so, tell him to hop with the picture to the display and tape it on. Continue until all the animals have been sorted.

H: Hop Hop, Letter of the Day, Paolini Method, Talita Paolini

Click here to download a PDF of this lesson.

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